Month: December 2015

Goal Digger

I love a good sweatshirt, that’s no surprise, but I love a sweatshirt that I really feel like I can identify with. That sounds super weird and cheesy, but I seriously mean it! So, when I found Bow and Drape, I was honestly so happy. They have hilariously awesome graphic sweatshirts and tees, that you can personalize to say whatever you want–it’s amazing. Their “Goal Digger” pullover (the one I have) is one of their best sellers and I can see why. I am 100% in love with it. Totally snatch yourself one of these babies. They are super soft, comfy, and I when I wear mine, I get compliments wherever I go! Shop my look: sweatshirt | plaid | beanie | jeans | boots

Backpack, Backpack

There are two things that I am loving right now: The smell of a Christmas fir tree (who doesn’t love the sweet smell of a fir tree in the winter) and backpacks. Do I feel like Dora the Explorer a little bit? Maybe…  But backpacks are super trendy right now and I LOVE this one from Sage & Harper.  It’s a great alternative to a purse, and a lot more comfortable. When I lug around a big handbag, my arms get tired and go numb and honestly, I get tired of carrying it. That is why this backpack is my new favorite thing. It has the space for everything that I need to carry, and it’s super adorable. Plus, when I travel, I always use a backpack as my carry-on, so it’s nice to have a sturdy one that I know I can rely on in the craziness of airports. I think I need this one in every color combo… The greatest part is that these babies are 25% off using code “holiday” at checkout! Trust me, …

Little Black Dress

There’s no denying it… You had better grab your scarves and coats because we’re in for a cold winter. These last few days (because of the blizzard like conditions), have me wishing that I could keep my sweats on and crawl right back into bed. It probably doesn’t help that I fill my belly with warm cider and treats–the winter is exhausting! But, among those cozy days when I literally stay in mismatched sweats, wool socks, and unkept hair all day, there are those times when I feel like I need to put on a fab dress and see the sunlight again. And I have found the perfect dress to do just that. If you haven’t heard of Lularoe, you have been missing out. They have such cute dresses, skirts, leggings and tops that are super comfortable, affordable, and trendy. My favorite? The Amelia Dress–it has everything that I need. I’ve dressed mine up here, but the stretchy fabric is honestly comfortable enough to run your errands in, or even lounge around in your house. The pleats give …

Cards 2 Life

Cards 2 Life puts anything that Hallmark has to shame (seriously though). Yes, pop up cards have been around forever, but not like this. The detail is incredible, it’s like a little treat every time you open one! From birthday wishes and holiday cheer, to congratulatory hopes and dreams, these pop up cards are sure to add something special to whatever you’re celebrating. We all give cards, so why not spice it up a little? Add something extra the ordinary. As for me, I’ve been giving these cards out like it’s going out of style, (the ferris wheel is my favorite). So, if you’re on the hunt for a more exciting way to wish someone happy holidays, say thank you, or even congratulations, look no further, Cards 2 Life will do just that.    

Holiday Party Time

I am one of those people that starts listening to Christmas music the second Halloween is over. A little ridiculous, I know, but it bring a joyous spirit that only comes around once a year. So, yes. When I am in my car I belt holiday tunes wherever I go (and Adele, because whoa. Girl gives me goosebumps every time). And yes, I look forward to every fancy holiday party and ugly sweater party alike. I could do without the teeth chattering cold, but it’s all part of the holiday experience, so I don’t really mind. The warm snuggles, the holiday parties, the freezing out in the cold to see Christmas lights, all of it–I love all of it. So, naturally, I LOVED being a part of this holiday collaboration. I have been so impressed with everyone involved. was so generous to allow us to use their beautiful new facilities for our photo shoot. Let me just say, their kitchen is way better than mine… The Salted Sisters are amazing. 99% of the decorations you …

Sweats + Leather

I have a secret confession…I love to dress up my sweats. It’s easy and they’re comfy, so really, why wouldn’t you? Sweats are probably my favorite thing to wear, so if I can get away with looking like a put together human being while rockin’ my sweat pants, heaven knows I am all up on that. My very favorite way to add some pizzaz to an everyday average sweats + tee combo is by adding a leather jacket into the mix (all hail the leather jacket). This look is absolutely just as easy and effortless as throwing on a hoodie, but your end result is much more sophisticated. So, thank you leather jacket. You make me feel so much more refined than I actually am. Shop my look: sweats | jacket | tee | shoes (similar) | scarf | lipstick

A Picnic In December

Who says you can’t have a picnic in December? This dress sure says you can! And personally, I love everything about it. My ideal dress would be something that I can feel comfortable enough to sit down in and not feel the need to suck in, especially since Thanksgiving has made my stomach believe that I can munch on everything in sight. Anybody feel me on that one? I need something with sleeves, that has a decent length, all while feeling fabulous about the way that I look. A dress that meets the needs of every item on my list is often hard to come by, but this dress exceeds expectations. Honestly, heart eyes all day! You can dress is up, like I’ve done here, dress is down, and even wear it in the summertime. If I could dream up a dress, it might be this one… AND it has been restocked at Mindy Mae’s Market (woohoo)! It’s a definite new fave. I feel that we will have a long lasting relationship together. Just a little …

Holiday Style

I am one of those people that is sort of obsessed with the holidays… Warm hot chocolate, candy canes, and snuggles by the fireplace–it all makes my soul feel cozy. It’s a time when you are surrounded by loved ones and who doesn’t love that? I am also a person who can’t pass up an opportunity to attend a festive activity and I certainly can’t pass up on trendy, festive clothes. Ugly Christmas sweaters are great for attending your neighbor’s Christmas party, but I love a holiday sweater that I can actually feel cute in. That is why I am sort of, and by sort, I mean that I 100% am, in love with this Christmas sweater from Mindy Mae’s Market. AND it’s on sale for $24.99 right now, you really can’t beat it! The sale ends Wednesday 11/2 at midnight, so if you want yours, I’d snag it now! Plus, don’t forget to use code “KARLEE” on all Truly Kustom jewelry purchases for your stocking stuffers! Shop my look: sweater | plaid | jeans (similar) …