5 Ways to Achieve a Dreamy (and affordable) Guest Bedroom

Having trouble putting together your guest bedroom? Fear not! I have 5 tips to ensure your guest bed is killer!

1. It should be a peaceful space. Neutrals are great for guest bedrooms because they’re naturally calming. Veer away from overwhelming colors as not to give your guests a headache. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have color, just use colors as accents, not your main source. Simple curtains and duvet covers are not only great solid pieces, but they’re generally less expensive than ornately detailed pieces.

2. Keep things cozy. Give your guest some blankets. Even if they don’t end up using them, as a guest it’s nice to feel like you have what you need and avoid any awkwardness in asking. Try a blanket basket. It’s cute annnd functional.

3. Try mixing a few different styles of decor. When you utilize more than one style, your guests are more likely to feel at home. When your guest room is too modern it can feel cold and uninviting. If it’s too shabby chic, all those frills can get overwhelmingly. Find a few styles you like and mix things up.

4. Make sure your guest room isn’t too personal. A million photos of you and your family can make your guests feel like they’re all up in your business. If you think your guests may feel like you’re watching them while they sleep, you may need to replace a few photos with some neutral art.

5. Lastly, avoid clutter. There’s nothing worse than trying to settle into a guest room that has piles on piles of all your extra stuff. You’ll quickly make your guest feel claustrophobic without any intent of doing so. The easy solution is to keep it clean 🙂


Now your guest bedroom dreams will all come true 😉

Have a great weekend!