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Cards 2 Life

Cards 2 Life puts anything that Hallmark has to shame (seriously though). Yes, pop up cards have been around forever, but not like this. The detail is incredible, it’s like a little treat every time you open one! From birthday wishes and holiday cheer, to congratulatory hopes and dreams, these pop up cards are sure to add something special to whatever you’re celebrating. We all give cards, so why not spice it up a little? Add something extra the ordinary. As for me, I’ve been giving these cards out like it’s going out of style, (the ferris wheel is my favorite). So, if you’re on the hunt for a more exciting way to wish someone happy holidays, say thank you, or even congratulations, look no further, Cards 2 Life will do just that.    

Weekend Getaway

        To celebrate our two year anniversary (whoohoo!) my husband and I took a short, but adventurous getaway to southern Utah. We indulged our outdoorsy side and took to exploring Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, both magnificent. Although my husband has just recently come around to the the whole sleeping outside thing, I have always been a camper. I grew up in Oregon, so camping is sort of a requirement for citizenship there. Despite my husband’s recent conversion to life in the outdoors, we were both stoked for our little weekend holiday.         Friday afternoon we packed our Odwalla bars and Chacos and we were off! By the time we arrived in Zion’s we were famished so, we so we succumbed to the temptation and treated ourselves at the Switchback Grille. After all, it was our anniversary! By the time we were finished with our lavish meal, the Sun had long since gone down and we were left to assemble our tent in the dark (rookie mistake). As we brought out our trusty headlamps and began …

The Bee’s Knees

        All I wanted was food all day long. I was a ferocious snack eating machine. It was ridiculous. If I wasn’t eating, I was starved, so I took to eating healthy snacks like carrots, bananas, and granola throughout my day. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was packing food for a day trip for a family of four. Yes, I was eating healthy snacks, which is fantastic, but I was still hungry 99.9% of the time. I did not understand why I was constantly eating, but constantly hungry. Then, it hit me.         My choice of breakfast foods sucked, and quite literally. My sugary bowl of milk and crunchy goodness was sucking the life out of my day. Every morning, I ate sugary cereal for breakfast, anything and everything from Cocoa Puffs to Captain Crunch. (Who can blame me? Cocoa puffs are delicious!) When I made the conscious decision to eat a wholesome healthy breakfast, the change was unbelievable. In the beginning, I would still pack loads of fruits and veggies to snack on, but …