Clarins Body Fit

Helloooo San Fransisco! Jono and I are just enjoying a little weekend getaway. And the view from our hotel is BOMB.

But, let’s talk fitness for a second. It has been one of my goals this year to become more firm. I’m tired of being squishy. I’m not trying to lose inches or anything, I just want to feel… Harder. More toned. It’s not too much to ask for (or so I thought) so I figure it’s a good goal. I’ve discovered that I’m pretty weak #embarrassing. Meh, oh well. I’m working on it!

Anyway… While on my new mission to get fit, I discovered this really great product called Body Fit by Clarins and it’s kind of genius. A product that helps reduce cellulite? Like, whaaaaa? I didn’t even know that was a thing! All of the product reviews that I read were amazing, sooo I decided to try it. I’ll admit, even after reading all of the raving reviews I was still a little skeptical, but I’m starting to see a difference! My skin definitely looks firmer and smoother. It’s like magic. I think I’ll just add it right into my regular workout routine thank you very much.

Disclaimer– When I first got it, I was liiike okay, so what now? How do I use this stuff? Clarins actually has a super helpful video HERE to show you exactly how to apply the product (thankfully). You have to do a little more than just slap it on 😉

So, as I continue to ramp up my workout routine, I’ll definitely be adding in Body Fit to help firm things up. And just in time for summer!  

If you’ve been worried about cellulite, Body Fit may be worth a try (in combination with good exercise of course).

Let me know if you decide to try it! I’d love to know your thoughts!