How To Dress Up Your Hoodie

Athleisure, in all its forms, has entrenched itself into current fashion trends and it isn’t going anywhere soon. It has become a part of everyday women’s fashion, so embrace it! Work it girrrl. So yes, we love our hoodies and our leggings. We dote over sneakers and baseball hats have become our new BFF. Sooo what about dressing these pieces up? Can it be done? Of course it can! With an anything goes attitude, you’ll be dressing up your leisure clothes in no time.

How? Well, here are the 4 steps to a killer look:

1. Add a sophisticated statement piece. For this look, I decided to go with a leopard clutch, but I could have easily paired the hoodie with a rad leather jacket for the same effect.

2. Dress your feet. Your shoes say it all! Pair your sweatshirt with some killer mules or even a pair of heels to add an extra touch of poise.

3. What’s on the bottom? I decided to go with some distressed skinnies and a western belt, but this hoodie would also look killer with a denim skirt!

4. You can’t forget the details. I love simple rings and statement bracelets 😉 Jewelry can make all of the difference.

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Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in your hoodie. You’ll kill it! Shop below 🙂



Hoodie (exact) &  another fave from Filly Flair



Thanks to Filly Flair for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. It looks cool and all but the hoodie she’s wearing in the picture looks like a knit piece. It’s on the classy side of hoodies. Can you dress up something that’s more of a streetwear piece like this?

    Sure, you can wear a button down under most hoodies, and if the collar is showing, it’ll look cool. But I really want to know if you can make something that’s a bit far out there look classy and representable?

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