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Say YES to clogs

Oh how I love me some leather clogs… Let me tell you why— First, they’re actually way comfy. I was kinda nervous, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! It’s safe to say these babies from Seaside Soles will serve me well this spring. Second, they’re casual enough to wear on an everyday basis, but cool enough to wear on the weekend too. Woohoo! And third, well these Free People clogs bring the funk back into your life. So come on, join in! Partake in keeping the 70’s alive! It’s a flash from the past, but with a twist! I’ve paired them here with a light pink bandana and my cord pinafore dress to keep the retro vibes alive. I know I’ll be enjoying my clog-filled bohemian spring! Check out my other look with Seaside Soles here 🙂 Have a great rest of your week! xoxo, Karlee Shop: Clogs (exact)     Thanks to Seaside Soles for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Newage Backpack

Story time. Over the past few months, I have been yearning for a Michael Kors backpack. I could just imagine myself strolling through town with an adorable vegan leather pouch strapped to my back. I kept seeing them over and over again (it’s like they were haunting me). But, unfortunately, I don’t have an extra $378 lying around. Woof. Maybe next year. But then, oh and this is the best part, something miraculous happened. I found Sorial (praising hands emoji)! This is the treasure. ‘X’ marks the spot. I have found the gold, people! And this is why: Amazing thing number one, I don’t need a baller status cash flow because my Sorial backpack cost less than HALF the price of my previously coveted Michael Kors and I like it even better. Amazing thing number two, you can use code KARLEE30 for an extra 30% off of your order from Sorial. Say whaaaa? Yeah, it’s fabulous. They offer everything from tiny fringe clutches, big, fabulous vegan leather totes, to my favorite, fancy, I am your BFF backpacks. So, really …