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Seasonal Stripes & Metallics

It’s been an exhausting day people. It’s like the never ending Tuesday… But I’ve been excited to talk about a few spring trends that are super easy to accomplish👌🏼 When thinking of spring trends, light pastels and florals always come to mind– That’s a given. But this season, I’m especially loving the all things stripes trend and all of the metallic options. Statement stripes, banker stripes, seaside stripes… You name it, it’s happening. And metallics? They’re everywhere! Metallic skirts, tops and shoes (my personal fave). I’ve put together a very casual toned down version of any sort of lavish trend. I wanted to showcase a super easy Saturday look with stripes + metallics that’s totally doable! I went a little nautical by adding in the red ascot. These baby scarves… I can’t get enough! I also have to mention that these heels are super comfy. Definitely easy to walk in for extended periods of time (if you need to). And I treat gold as a neutral, so it’s hard to find something that they don’t go with! …


Marvelous Metallic

  Although by the end of summer I’m really ready for it to be over, I always get nervous as it ends. Fall is my very favorite season, but in Utah you’re lucky if it lasts a few weeks. I get anxious about summer ending because it means that winter is right around the corner. A girl has got to get the most out of the time that she has left with the sun! As summer turns into fall, my shoe choices immediately gravitate toward booties. This year however, I’m trying to ease into them a little more. Sadly Birkenstock season is over, but I still want my toes to enjoy the last bit of warmth that the year has left for me. I’m currently loving these from Isola. They’ve been a wonderful transition shoe going into fall. The peep toe is darling and the metallic perforated leather is stunning! They’re a great buy because not only can you wear them now, but you can keep them for next spring and summer. They are classic …

The Mykonos Dress

Gold strappy booties are my jam. Really anything gold (I’m the queen of gold bangle bracelets). This dress? Also a goodie. I’m always a fan of cute and comfy. Always. But really, who isn’t? Nutella and strawberries on waffles, also my jam. True story, the last time that I went to Vegas, our hotel had mini travel sized Nutella packets and fresh strawberries. So, you bet your bottom dollar that’s what I ate for breakfast every morning. No waffles though. I’m pretty jealous of everyone that gets to see Adele in concert. I feel like we could be great pals. Coconut sticky rice gelato is delicious (you should try it) and sneakers are also my BFF/all I want these days. So, there you have it folks! Some of my random thoughts + a perfect spring look! xoxo, Karlee Shop my look: dress | booties | sunglasses