3 Athleisure Must-Haves


Athleisure is a must. Knock if you want, but it’s not going anywhere!

Number one, these buttery soft leggings.

I’ll admit when I tore open the package to see them inside, (I get VERY excited when packages come) I was a little shocked. They’re tiny. Like, toddler sized. I thought that maybe the people at NUX might be crazy to think that adult humans would be that small…

I showed my husband and he laughed suggesting that they may have sent me the incorrect size. Wrong. They were in fact the correct size. So, I laughingly (honestly as a joke) began to try them on and to my surprise, they fit! And I love them! They are so dang comfy. Honestly, they feel like I’m wearing no pants at all! SO stretchy. These babies go on like butter and act as if they were your skin. So yes, I was wrong. Very wrong.

Number two, these shoes!

I was STOKED when I found these sneakers at Famous Footwear. I’d been looking for a pair of new Nike running shoes and these guys are perfect. They have a buy one get one 1/2 sale going on right now so you might want to head on over and snag yourself some new kicks!

And of course number three, fabulous water bottles!

Maybe there really are a million more options, or maybe I just never noticed, but either way, there are some seriously cute water bottle options out there. I love it because I’d so much rather use a sustainable water bottle that I can snag from Target, apposed to those clear plastic disposable water bottles that go in the trash. It’s sad how many time I see them floating around in a park or in a gutter– No thanks. I’m trying to preserve the Earth here.

So, there you have it. Three of my recent faves to get your athleisure game on fleek!




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