5 Denim Trends You Need To Know for 2017

It’s denim’s time to shine– There’s no denying that. The denim trends of 2016 are carrying over to the new year in fresh ways and I’m stoked about it.

Although I’m a fan of almost every denim trend right now, I’ve joined forces with the lovely Lauryn from to show you the denim dress + overall trend in action. Personally, I love the layering aspect. There are so many different ways to style these denim pieces, but we went pretty casual with it. Our looks are both so easy to throw on for an everyday fashionista look (without a lot of effort) 😉

What about the other 4? You know the trends, we saw all kinds of distressed denim in 2016, no surprise there. Flares made a comeback and two toned denim made quite a splash as well. The embroidery trend has been one of my absolute faves and of course the denim dress/overall trend has also stolen my heart!

So here they are, the fabulous 5:

1.Distressed denim– It’s probably safe to say that most people own a pair of rad distressed jeans by now. Here are a few more to add to your collection:

2.Flares– I have to admit, this is an intimidating one. I have yet to find the perfect flares, but here are a few options that I plan on purchasing:

3.Two toned denim– I totally dig this. My birthday is coming up, so you know I’ll be getting myself a pair of killer two toned jeans. Here are some of my faves:

4.Embroidered denim– You’re all probably sick of me rambling on about how much I love embroidery… I just can’t help it! It’s the perfect touch of wow. Some faves to add to your closet:

5.Denim dress & overalls– I’m all about this trend. Let the layering begin! Shop my look below:

And Lauryn’s look:


If you haven’t indulged in these denim trends yet, hop on the train girl! You’ll look fabulous!

Stay warm out there!