Albion Maternity Looks

Oh the joys of being pregnant…

It’s rough trying to find things that fit me right and if you are currently pregnant or have been before, you know my pain. It’s already a challenge to find things that fit your normal body just right, and then you add in a bump and it just goes downhill…

Some mamas carry high, some carry low. Some have their babies situated more side to side and others seem to carry much farther outward. Wherever your baby sits, it can be a difficult balance to juggle how the heck to cover the thing once it’s time to get dressed in the morning. I’ve moved 90% of my clothes into another room because it’s depressing to look at a closet full of items that I can’t wear. Although it’s also depressing to look at an empty closet…

Anyway, for this post I’ve partnered with Albion to show you a few items that you can wear before, during, and after your pregnancy (YES)!

THESE JOGGERS. I’ll admit, I do own them in two colors. But this olive… I love it! The waistband has some give and the shape works well to adjust to your bump. I’ve paired them with the Go Long Crew top which I love because it’s long enough to cover my baby belly. In these photos it was actually riding up a bit, ha, but it has some good length I promise! As for the other details on this look, you can shop them below:

And, drumroll please, this jumpsuit!! I freaking love this thing! I’d actually been eyeing it for a while and I am SO glad that it works with my bump (for now). It’s way comfy and loose enough so you don’t feel like packed sausage if you know what I mean. Two thumbs up for the granite jumpsuit! Other deets on the look below:

I’ll be doing more posts on how to make your bump work for you, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to use code MADAM15 for 15% off of your order with Albion! 



Thank you to Albion for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.