Backpack, Backpack

There are two things that I am loving right now: The smell of a Christmas fir tree (who doesn’t love the sweet smell of a fir tree in the winter) and backpacks. Do I feel like Dora the Explorer a little bit? Maybe…  But backpacks are super trendy right now and I LOVE this one from Sage & Harper.  It’s a great alternative to a purse, and a lot more comfortable. When I lug around a big handbag, my arms get tired and go numb and honestly, I get tired of carrying it. That is why this backpack is my new favorite thing. It has the space for everything that I need to carry, and it’s super adorable. Plus, when I travel, I always use a backpack as my carry-on, so it’s nice to have a sturdy one that I know I can rely on in the craziness of airports. I think I need this one in every color combo… The greatest part is that these babies are 25% off using code “holiday” at checkout! Trust me, you’ll want to put this on your Christmas list.







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  1. I love this backpack am always quite nervous to wear one. But this one is so pretty with the print on.

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