Chooka Boots

Rain boots, they are pretty much all I wear lately. With the snow storms that have been overrunning the city, it’s honestly too wet and slushy to wear anything else. Rain boots are pretty much my only option. Thankfully, I have found the reigning king of rain boots–Chooka Boots. I even like them better than my Hunter rain boots! And this is why:

  1. They fit better (they aren’t as large and clunky).
  2. The detail. I love the leather straps on the side, it adds a little something extra.
  3. They are about half the price of Hunter rain boots!

Simply put, I love them. I super love them. And by the looks of it, we will be BFFs for a VERY long time. My advice for the winter? Get yourself some Chooka boots.

P.S. my floral hat and striped dress are from Mindy Mae’s Market where you can get 20% off using code “quick20” (woohoo)!









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