Christmas Is Coming!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And can you believe it’s in 17 days?! We’re almost (ALMOST) done decorating and I’m pretty stoked about it. We were a little behind this year… I love having a festive home though– Gives me all of the feel goods! The one thing that I’ve had a hard time finding is stocking hangers that I like. None of the ones that I’ve seen are bad necessarily, I’m just not in love with any of them. Any ideas? At this point, I know that I probably won’t find any that I love, but I’ll take suggestions!  

It’s insanely cold outside– So that’s a thing. It’s that time of year when running to your car is the only option. Walking is just too miserable. And then there’s the whole, waiting for the car to heat up while you violently shiver thing. Oh what fun (not)!

This week has been pretty normal though. Just prepping for the holidays and freezing ALL OF THE TIME.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm 😉




Photography by Roxana Baker