Getting Comfortable with Yourself

I’m an intensely emotional creature… I cry when I’m sad, angry, happy– You name it. My emotion usually comes in the form of tears– Good or bad. I take things to heart and I genuinely care, sometimes too much. I just can’t help it! Although I have at times wished that I wasn’t so emotional, I’ve learned that it drives me and makes me passionate. It helps me to care for other people and to identify with them. It’s a part of me that at times in my life, I have loathed. But now, as I mature into an adult (whoa, that’s weird) I’ve found that I need to stop suppressing certain characteristics about myself and start embracing them.

I’ve honestly never had a lot of confidence… I didn’t even really realize how self conscious I was until this last year. The past few years have been a little crazy, for a lot of reasons, but they’ve made me realize one thing– You have to love yourself.

Love your quirks, your talents, your fears and your hardships. I’ve learned that if you don’t show the hard things some love, you may never get over them. Get good and comfortable with them, and learn how to express yourself.

Call it what you want, but one important way for me to express who I am is through what I wear– Quirks and all. It’s something that completely affects my mood and helps me to feel good about myself. If I want to conquer my day (and the world) you better believe I want to look good doing it. You may question this whole thing if you see me at Target in my husband’s sweatpants on any given weekday, but it’s true! I promise!

Like I said, it may be silly to some, but it’s totally true for me. When it comes to clothes, I had to stop telling myself you can’t pull that off, or you’re not pretty enough to wear that. It seems harsh, but I can’t tell you how many times those kind of words have gone through my head. Your “thing” may not be about clothes (or maybe it is) but regardless, I think that we all do this negative self-talk thing more than we even realize. And we need to STOP.

Wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be. Because in the end, if you aren’t, then who are you? Big question, I know.

As sad as it is, once you really decide to live the way that you want, and not the way that other people expect you to, you’ll end up weeding out the fake people in your life and you’ll find your true friends any way. Win-win.

Find the unique things about yourself and start developing them instead of smothering them.

And you gosh darn better love other people too! I just think that we should all love each other for who we are, ya know? It’s probably the Oregonian in me 😉

For some it’s hard to love others, and for some it’s hard to love themselves. But I do think that there’s one common thread: If you give yourself the time of day and embrace who you are, you’re probably more likely to love others for who they are too.

Lately I’ve been trying to focus on not being afraid to be myself. It can be hard to get comfortable in your own skin, but I’ve decided to embrace it! Who’s with me, eh?






  1. Beautiful post, I couldn’t agree more about how important self love is! I also wanted to let you know that I find you so beautiful and unique looking and you have ROCKING style that I love! Keep it up 💕 Xoxo Delaney

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