Floral Maxi


There’s been a lot of anticipated change, both in my professional and personal life lately. Where we want to live, what we hope for our careers, etc., etc. So yes, I’ve been a little anxious.

Change is good, and we know that these transitions are absolutely for the best. It’s so exciting, but also a little scary. I have big dreams and so does my husband and we both ultimately decided that we need to chase them. It’s now or never!

So, with all of these shifts and transformations, I find myself running to catch up. I’m looking forward to a lot, but at the same time I can’t find the time for what is current. What I really need is a renovation of my schedule, but that’s a whole other story…

Thankfully, nature has always calmed me down. There’s something about channeling my inner zen that helps me to just breath. Inhale. Exhale. Take a look around. Realize that there’s is a whole world happening outside of your own. At least for me, it helps put things into perspective.

When my head is this messy, I also have zero interest in getting dressed. So, hallelujah for this floral maxi dress from Darling Me Avenue. It’s super easy to just throw on, and way cute at the same time!

So, I suggest that if you’re as much of a stress case as I am, find yourself a flowy dress and go outside! Breath some fresh air and take it all in. You’ll be glad that you did.



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