Goal Crushing

Yesterday at work, we did a service project where we went and built a playground for a local preschool/after school care center. It was really neat to be able to help put into motion a goal that the center had been working toward for some time, and to hear the stories about the children who had been dreaming of a complete play center. This goal of creating a play place for the children, got me thinking– What are the goals that I have for my career, family, and really life all together?

The administration at the care center had been planning, saving, and collaborating to be able to put this playground into place for over a year and it made me think about what I’m doing to both meet my goals, and to help others meet theirs.

It’s interesting because Jono and I have actually been talking a lot lately about our goals. The repeated thought has been, what are we doing to actually meet our goals? Are we taking the necessary steps?

We recently made a commitment to ourselves, and to each other, to take those important steps to meet our goals. I think that often times we daydream in a sense, of what our lives could be, what our careers could be, what we could accomplish… At least for me, I know that I have ideas, although maybe distant, of what I want my future to look like. Jono and I finally decided that we can’t just talk about it as if one day all of the things we want will just happen to us. We have to actually do something about it. The world won’t just give you want you want (at least it doesn’t for me). You have to take it. You have to earn it. You have to work hard for it.

I look at the programs like the one that I was a part of yesterday, and ones like that of Humble Hilo (who has sponsored this post) who provide business ownership opportunities for women in third world countries and I think wow, what inspiring women. The women that Humble Hilo help in particular are faced with hardships like malnutrition, unclean water, and a lack of education, and still manage to work their butts off to meet their career goals. I don’t have to worry about if I have food on the table, or if I have clean water, so I have no excuse for not working toward my goals.

Don’t let the fear of failure, judgement, or uncertainty get in the way of what you want. Just go for it! Because really, what’s holding you back?





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  1. You have a generous and lovely heart. We make many goals for ourselves, but especially in this month of Thanksgiving, it is important to remember to set goals for our heart too and be compassionate to others. I love this fall outfit and I love the idea of setting goals and not letting anything hold us back. Thanks for the reminder. xoxo, Christine

  2. I loved reading this post, it’s so important to set Goals in life. So we know what to strive for :). You’re looking gorgeous and I am in love with your bag. Where is it from?



  3. This is such a great cause babe. Good for you for accomplishing what you set out to do especially while helping others. This is inspiring and helps keep things in perspective about what is really important! co

  4. My partner and I have recently done the same and committed to starting our own business together and set aside goals for the new year too! Totally agree that there needs to actions taken rather than just talks!

    Helen xx

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