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New this week..

Well, our house is finally starting to look like a house… That’s a step in the right direction! Less boxes and more assembled furniture– It’s coming together.

It’s so strange. We’ve been here a week now and I still wake up every morning in shock that we really have a house, that it’s really ours. After a year of searching, it feels pretty good!

Although this heat is absolutely miserable, (our brand new grass is needing A LOT of water and I feel like a big sweat ball every time I step outside) I’m still trying to enjoy the rest of summer. It may be unbearably hot, but for Utahns, winter is just around the corner…

Fall goes by way too quick here– You blink and you miss it. It’s a shame because it’s my very favorite season, that’s why I like to soak it up while I can.

But, me being me, I like to wear brightly colored pieces all year round. There’s just something happy about it. Colored leather jackets (yes please!), suede purses, and lemon printed skirts–all pieces that both summer (when it’s not too hot) and fall invite. Who says you can’t wear bright patterns in fall? Not me!

So here’s to a fun autumn palette, and hoping that fall, which will be here before we know it, will stay a little longer this year.




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