Loungewear In Town

Loungewear is my life right now. I can’t deny it. For Christmas I just asked for sweatshirts and for my birthday… Well, Jono got me leggings and sneakers– It’s exactly what I wanted! 

The need for comfort has superseded all else… What else is new? HA! 

I’ve pretty much decorated every inch of our house at this point… I’ll be posting more home oriented blog posts soon and I’m super stoked about. So stay tuned!

This dress/tunic situation is sooo comfy. I think I might need to snag it in grey too! I’m trying to grow out my bangs right now (I think) so I’ve been wearing a lot of baseball hats, like this one. Plus, it works great for greasy hair days 😉 I really like geometric earrings lately, so I picked these up at Maude too. 

Wishing you a wonderful and worry free President’s Day! These sneakers are on a President’s Day mega sale right now (hooray!). You can shop them (and the rest of my look) below!





Thanks to Maude for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Very nice, I really Enjoy to read this. I want to buy such a great leather jacket for my GF. Thanks for giving me this idea.

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