Lulu & Georgia Overhaul

It’s been so invigorating for me over the last month to get to decorate our new home. I’ve always loved home decor (the entire process in decorating, really) so it’s honestly been a dream come true. Jono and I both feel very fortunate.

We agree on most design choices, so he’s pretty much let me have the run of things, which has been so fun for me! Although you can see a warm, feminine touch throughout the various spaces of our home, I have tried to keep most spaces a little more gender neutral. I didn’t want Jono to feel like he was living in my home. It needs to feel like our home, because it is! With that being said, my office has been my opportunity to create a super feminine, bright, girly space. Bring on the pink!

I knew that Lulu & Georgia would have the perfect decorative items for the space, so my office overhaul has been the perfect excuse to snag some pieces that I’d been eyeing for a while. Utilizing decorative objects such as vases, canisters, art prints, etc. are the perfect way to infuse personality into a space.


I’ve always been a person who believes that you can have bland walls and boring furniture, but if you can decorate correctly, you can truly transform a space. Of course the perfect furniture piece and a well thought out color for your walls can be a HUGE factor, but I’m a firm believer in the power of smaller pieces.


I love all of the tabletop and decorative items that Lulu & Georgia offers. They have an awesome selection and you can find pieces that are super reasonably priced!


Like this seagrass basket for $20 😉


Or this beautiful art print that I’m stoked to hang on my freshly painted pink wall (hooray!).


I was careful to choose items that varied in color, texture and height but that still felt cohesive. It’s so fun, when you have the right items, to arrange and rearrange to find the vibe that feels right to you. In my opinion, if it seems balanced and the colors flow well, it probably looks pretty good! Personally, I like to mix decorative pieces with books and prints to establish the dimension that I want. I’ll also use a scratch paper to draw out the way that I want things balanced. Like I said before, I always rearrange. Sometimes it takes some time to make it just right!


Here’s a full list of the gems that I snagged, and all for under $250:
Paris Map Print
Talia Vase, Fuschia
Halle Basket, Seagrass and Rose
Gilded Wishbone Canister
Dwellstudio Bright Gold Urchin (5.5″ x 5.5″)
Capricorn Jewelry Dish, Ivory and Gold
Brie Vase, Ivory
Trax Marble and Wood Cube
Ceramic Cactus Gold (set of 2)

Not one of these items is over $50, so yeah, you could say that I scored!

I’d love to know what fabulous items you find at Lulu & GeorgiaStay tuned for my full office reveal within the next few weeks!




Items were gifted to me by Lulu & Georgia. All thoughts and opinions are my own.