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Story time. Over the past few months, I have been yearning for a Michael Kors backpack. I could just imagine myself strolling through town with an adorable vegan leather pouch strapped to my back. I kept seeing them over and over again (it’s like they were haunting me). But, unfortunately, I don’t have an extra $378 lying around. Woof. Maybe next year. But then, oh and this is the best part, something miraculous happened. I found Sorial (praising hands emoji)!

This is the treasure. ‘X’ marks the spot. I have found the gold, people! And this is why: Amazing thing number one, I don’t need a baller status cash flow because my Sorial backpack cost less than HALF the price of my previously coveted Michael Kors and I like it even better. Amazing thing number two, you can use code KARLEE30 for an extra 30% off of your order from Sorial. Say whaaaa? Yeah, it’s fabulous. They offer everything from tiny fringe clutches, big, fabulous vegan leather totes, to my favorite, fancy, I am your BFF backpacks. So, really whatever adorable bag you’re on the hunt for, I’m betting that you can find it at Sorial.

Regarding the other details of my look, I am totally diggin’ denim on denim lately. I am sending you all of the denim vibes ladies. And yes, this is my Olivia Burton watch (again). Let’s talk about clogs for a second. Not only are they making a comeback, they are killin’ it. People are killlin’ it in their clogs. And I want to kill it in my clogs. That’s why I went to Moheda. These classic clogs are under $100, which can be next to impossible to find, so you’re welcome!










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