NYFW Shows + Velvet Maternity Look

Okay sooo I just wanted to highlight some of my fave shows from NYFW. You’ll definitely want to check out these brands!

Let’s jump right in 😉


I think that Galtiscopio will always have a special place in my heart because it was my very first NYFW show. And it was AWESOME. So much glitz and glam. The pieces were stunning. It was a super high energy show right off the bat and they even had entrainment! The pieces were stunning and I was super impressed. I’ll definitely want to attend the next Galtiscopio show!

Katie Gallagher

This wasn’t your traditional runway show. The models stood and sometimes rotated showing off the collection. It was a cool show, beautiful pieces. The only downside was that you were standing in a mob of people so it was kind of hard to see.

Cindy Monteiro

This designer was only 26 and freaking adorable. Her line was more of a resort line with a lot of light, natural colors and burlap. It reminded me of some sort of extravagant tropical vacation. It was lovely!

Runa Ray

This show was very light and airy. A beautiful show. Lots of nudes and natural colors with flowing pieces. There were also male models in this one, which doesn’t always happen, so it was fun to see the male pieces too!

Mac Duggal

The location of this show was not only super convenient for me (I stayed just a few blocks away) but the venue was incredible. It was an old repurposed synagog and honestly quite stunning. The gowns were amazing and it was super fun to watch. I stood from the balcony the whole time for this one and my view was perfect!

Leanne Marshall

This show was absolutely breathtaking. The colors that Leanne Marshall used were just so fabulous! She started out with a teal-isa green collection, which the turned to yellow, then pink, orange, then ended with pieces that infused all of the colors. I was wide-eyed (with love and adoration) the entire time.

Now, about this look–

This was without a doubt on of my absolute favorite NYFW looks. It allowed me to show off my bum a little bit which is kinda fun 😉 But if you’re not prego, no worries! This look actually includes zero maternity wear, so… Yeah. It’s basically for everyone and anyone. A burnt orange for fall always gives me the heart eyes and this skirt man… Whoo! It’s killer!

I also love these bell sleeve because they aren’t to overwhelming. Some bell sleeves are just too much for me, they aren’t functional enough. These ones however, are perfect.

Annnd again with the velvet booties. You know why! Shop details below 🙂