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This heat is ridiculous. It’s been unbearably hot lately and I’m pretty over it…

It’s hard to find cute things to wear when it’s this hot. Everything just feels… too thick, too tight, too much fabric. Getting dressed is miserable because by the time I get my outfit put together I’m so sweaty you’d think that I just ran a marathon– Gross. Crank up the AC!

That my friends is why I am loving light, flowy dresses lately. This one from Copper Theory is perfect because it’s super lightweight and a bit oversized so it doesn’t stick to you in the heat (hooray!). There’s nothing worse than have your sweaty clothes stick to you when you’re outside– No thanks! You can actually enjoy a breeze in this dress, it’s wonderful.

In other news, we finally moved in to our new home! I AM SO EXCITED! It doesn’t even seem real… I can’t believe we finally bought a house! We’re still half way living out of boxes– It’s kind of a mess… BUT it’s coming together nice and we’re pretty stoked. We finally have enough space to have people over. We can have friends now–Yay!

I hope that you have a wonderful week! Mine will be filled with unpacking boxes.




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