Pop of Red


I’m not usually a person that is drawn to red– I never wear it. Maroons and deep burgundy I can get away with, but bright red tends to not look so hot with my skin tone. A pop of red however, now I can do that! I’m a fan of having a bright pop of color. I like my neutrals, but some sort of pop can add needed pizazz. It’s nice to have a colored purse to switch out when I get sick of my usual one. I found this baby at Urban Expressions! It’s a nice change– I like the shape 🙂

Life right now is basically recovering from the holidays. It’s like we need a vacation from the vacation– It’s exhausting! Unfortunately Jono had a sick day today (fever and a headache). I hate when he’s sick. It’s such a bummer! True story– We have this massive tall-tee like hoodie that we call “the sick hoodie”, ha. I’m not sure how it started, but we both wear it when we’re sick. It’s soooo cozy. That thing has seen the washing machine A LOT.

Anyway, I hope that you’re recovering from the holiday alright. Stay healthy and warm!





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