Red, White, Blue & Silver

Weird germs have been going around. My husband has been hacking up a lung for the past week and my throat goes from soar to fine to soar to fine and I just want it to be over! It’s that annoying stage where you’re not really sick but you kind of are, so you still just want to sleep. All of the time. It’s exhausting! Thankfully, I think that whatever it was is pretty much gone now, so we can all move on with our lives. Whew. On to bigger and better things, like this outfit!

I love to take your typical festive red, white, and blue combo and add a few more hues. For example, I added the dark maroon tote and my washed out navy hat.  It just adds a bit more dimension. I am crazy about this look because you can feel patriotic without being obnoxious. Nothing against Old Navy, but we’re over the whole seasonal American flag tee thing. We’re done with that. That had it’s time, but we’re all a little more sophisticated now…

Her Boutique has some essentials for this look, the sweater and the tote. I am not kidding, this sweater is probably the softest thing that has ever touched my skin. I want to live in it. Honestly, if I could, I would. And this tote is amazing. I love the fringe tassel and the suede + leather panels are perfect.

I also have a coupon code for you (woohoo)! Use code Karlee20 for 20% off and snag yourself some goodies from Her Boutique! This babe in the photos with me is Sandy from the Sandy A La Mode blog. You can check out her look here.







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sweater | tote | hat | jeans | shoes

Photos by Sara Leonard


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