Retro Revival


It’s so interesting to me to see how different styles come in and out and then back in again. There’s a lot of retro styles coming back right now and for the most part, I’m all about it. Some styles are a little too much for me… I see high school kids nowadays that look like they just popped out of a Saved By The Bell set, but hey, we all wore funky stuff in our teens! I do however love some good ol’ Converse and it seems like everybody’s wearing them. I feel like there’s a broader age range if appropriateness when it’s comes to classic Chuck Taylors. Teenagers and adults alike can get away with it. My husband and I snagged both of these pairs from Famous Footwear (use code POOLSIDE for 15% off)!

Some other retro trends that I’m diggin:
  • Ascot Scarves: They are so feminine and so classy. I love the ways that they’re being styled right now.
  • High Waisted Jeans: I’m pretty much all about the high waisted jeans these days. I think that they’re way more comfortable and I also think they’re cuter. I can’t handle a low rise jean like I used to.
  • Baseball Hats: They’ve always been around, but they’re coming back full force now. It totally reminds me of my childhood.
  • Overalls: I LOVE OVERALLS. They are way more flattering now (thank goodness) and I just adore the edge that they can bring to an outfit.
Obviously I like a lot about what’s happening in fashion right now. It’s an interesting time because so much is being revived. We way more options than we used to, which provides new opportunity for self expression. I hope that you’re enjoying my Summer Shoe Series, they’ll be more coming at you!
What retro styles do you love? I’d be thrilled to hear!




My look: shoes | dress (similar here & here) | sunglasses | bracelet(s)

His look: shoes | shorts | tee | jacket

Photos taken by Ashlee Brooke Photography

I was gifted these shoes by Famous Footwear. All thoughts and opinions are my own.