Sole Serum


Wearing heels (I’m honestly kind of a baby when it comes to heels), working out really hard, moving (this is what I’m currently experiencing), jumping up and down at a concert (this also just happened), or just having a really busy day. All reasons why your feet might ache and why mine do. We can probably all agree that it sucks.

Heaven knows I don’t wear heels as much as I should (I’m trying, I’m trying…), but I did just move and let me tell you, that makes your feet hurt. Running around all day, up and down stairs, lifting heavy boxing and delegating where things go. It’s exhausting.

So, lucky me, I was able to snag some Sole Serum to relieve some of that pain.

The serum is really convenient because the bottle is small enough to just plop in your purse when you’re on the go in some not so comfortable shoes. I just use 2-3 pumps and that seems to do the trick! It almost kind of tingles when you first put it on and it’s just barely cooling from the peppermint.

I’ve used it a few times now when my feet start to throb and I’ve really liked it. If you experience a lot of foot pain, Sole Serum is worth a shot!




I was gifted Sole Serum. All thoughts and opinions are my own.