Stripes & Oxfords

So, I’ve mentioned before that I am not much of a heel girl. I am trying to be, but I just keep going back to my old, easy to walk in ways. I just adore flats! I love these vintage inspired flats from Restricted Shoes–they’re so romantic! They are fabulous, not to mention totally affordable. It may be the wrong style/time period, but they sort of make me feel like Allie from the Notebook. That movie gets me every time… And it doesn’t hurt that these shoes were basically made for this dress from Mindy Mae’s Market. This is a combo you’re definitely going to need!

I’ve linked these exact shoes below via Mod Cloth. You can also check out This particular pair is now sold out at Restricted Shoes, BUT you can still get 25% off of your order with code MADAMANDREWS25 (woohoo) & they have some other great options.










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  1. March 12, 2016 / 11:23 pm

    Whilst we have the identical blog theme (hooray for great minds), I’m a huge advocate of heels 🙂 the higher the better, and in fact, my standard is 4.75″. Even when I was pregnant, yes. I attempted flats once and promptly fell flat on my face so that when South really quickly. That said, I’ve often lamented how I wish I could pull off brogues and ballet flats. Until then, allow me to live vicariously through your pictures xo

    Do come over and join my link-up if you can, it’d be lovely to have you xoxo

    • March 14, 2016 / 2:05 am

      Hey Sheela! Dang, you go girl! I can’t image wearing heels why pregnant! And I’d love to join your link-up! I’ll have to go check it out 😉