Suede Sneakers


Say hello to summer suede! Although it isn’t typically a summer fabric, I’m seeing it squeeze its way in more and more. I for one like the trend, especially when it comes to suede sneakers.

Honestly, it’s only been the last few years that I’ve turned into some sort of sneaker fanatic. My hubby on the other hand has always been sneaker crazed…

But, I’ve come to love and adore sneakers and I wear them much more often than in the past. Today’s selection offers a lot more versatility in design and ways to style.

True story– Several times when my husband and I were dating, he’d show up at my apartment to take me out and we’d be wearing basically the same outfit. I remember one time specifically, he arrived in a navy and white gingham button down with khaki shorts only to find that I was also wearing a navy and white gingham button down with khaki shorts… Needless to say I had to change my clothes a few times before we went out. In this look, once again we are accidentally twinning. But, this time, we just decided to roll with it.

Maybe you have someone that you like to twin with, or maybe you think we’re a bunch of ding dongs. Either way, we’re having fun doing it!

Also, both of our suede gems (in other colors) are on sale here and here. Full outfit details below!

I hope that you and your loved ones have had a wonderful Father’s Day!





My look: dress (similar here & here) | top | bracelet(s) | sneakers

His look: shorts | tee  (similar) | watch | sneakers