Getting Summer Ready

Okay so let’s talk summer, yeah? It’s coming and it’ll be here before you know it! It’s time to jump in and start planning (I’m a total planner). I always have a to-do list for the changing season and summer is always my favorite. So, here it is (so far):

-READ. I have a growing pile of books that I need to get to. Summer is the perfect season to make, not find (because who really can) the time. 

-Find creative alternatives to ordinary things. This year I am using Mexican blankets for beach towels annnd I’m pretty excited about it. 

-Make fresh, yummy food. And refreshing drinks. Summer is my favorite meal time because everything is so lush and delicious.

-Last, but not least (it’s actually probably the most important)… Protect my SKIN. I’ve taken a personal oath for this one. I won’t be young forever, so I am really trying to make an effort to take better care of my skin.

The pool is great, it’s fantastic, fabulous, all of the above, but it sucks to have dry skin. I get that dinosaur scaly skin. You know, when your skin looks like it might actually flake off–yuck. But not this year! I have vowed to keep my skin moisturized and healthy and I’ll be using Hawaiian Tropic to help me do it! I’m really looking forward to using their Silk Hydration Weightless (it’s part of the premium Silk Hydration line) this season. I looove it. 

It really does feel weightless on your skin. It’s incredible how moisturized I feel after application. Take it from a girl with dry skin, I can appreciate a sunscreen that doubles as a lotion. It’s so nice. The last thing I want to worry about is dry skin when I’m at the beach or pool, I just want to have fun! But hello chlorine and salt water dry out your skin… All I’m saying is, it’s nice to finally have a solution.

There are so many products out there, it can be hard to decipher which is best. But, Hawaiian Tropic has always been a favorite, and a brand that I know will help me take great care of my skin. The Silk Hydration Weightless Lotion Sunscreen smells amazing too, not your typical sunscreen smell. It actually smells like an orangesicle sooo, yum. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and protected. So, heck yes. A luxurious Hawaiian inspired skincare product that smells amazing and rids me of my scaly dinosaur legs? Count me in! 

Also, yes, I have to say something about it… Hello people! I dyed my hair pink. Real pink. I hadn’t yet washed it at the time of this photo shoot, so it was super bright, but it’s toned down a smidge and now it is absolutely perfect.

Let me know how you ladies are preparing for summer! I’d love to know what tips and tricks you have!








This post is part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ with Hawaiian Tropic. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #HawaiianTropicCrowd


  1. Okay first, I am obsessed with your hair! LOVE IT! This post was super helpful! Getting ready for Summer seems so hard in Utah with this awful weather!

    • Thank you so much! And yes, agreed. Summer can be a little difficult to get ready for when Utah can’t decide which season it wants to be!

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