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Going Boho

Let’s talk embroidery. Basically I love it… I love the boho, eclectic vibe. I love the detail that it adds and I love the contrast that it provides. I tend to be a more detail oriented person, so I’m super attracted to pieces that have a little something special. And let me tell you, I’ve searched long and hard for quality embroidered tops and I’ve found a couple, but this one from Lucy and Lyla is for sure a favorite. It’s super soft and flowy which I love and the colors are super easy to style. So… win-win! As for the rest of the look, I’m going a little retro. I am DYING (in a good way) over all of the retro vibes that are being infused into fashion right now. It makes getting dressed extra fun! Plus, get this top + jeans + shoes combo for under $100! Side note– We arrived in Hawaii this morning and it is so unbelievable lush and beautiful. I just want to touch, feel, stare at everything. I …