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Summer to Fall Transition with Filly Flair

Fall is my favorite season— No doubt. The changing of the leaves and the cool air… There’s really nothing else like it! It can be a bit of a struggle however, to turn your summer faves into inspiring outfits for the Fall. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Filly Flair to bring you three simple ways to style your favorite summer pieces for the coming Fall weather. I’ve styled this pinstriped wrap top with an oversized duster jacket to keep those arms warm! Tops with this kind of detail are so fun in the summer, but then it starts to get a tinge colder and you start to feel like you can’t quite make it outside without another layer… No need to fret! Don’t feel like you need to go immediately to thick knitted sweaters once Summer is coming to an end. A lightweight layer will do just the trick! I’ve linked a few similar jackets, all fairly lightweight.   Who doesn’t love a plain white basic? The possibilities are near endless when it comes …

Summer Treasures Set w/ L’Occitane

Real talk– The Summer Treasures set from L’Occitane is AWESOME. It has so many fun products to try and they’re all in travel size, woohoo! Perfect to just stick in your purse while you’re on the run this summer. I know I am! The box is also great because you get to test out all kinds of fabulous products and plan for which ones you need in full size. I’ve gone through and listed every product that comes in the set and a little more about why I like it. There are definitely quite a few that I’ll need to purchase again! First up, the Almond Shower Oil. This is actually a body cleanser that turns from oil to a milky texture when you use it in the shower. Say whaaa? It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and it smells absolutely amazing. This is the first shower oil that I’ve ever tried and I’ve really enjoyed it! The Immortelle Essential Water is essentially an alcohol-free toner enriched with immortelle floral water. It helps to cleanse …

White Summer Dress

Dress are all I want to wear this summer. It’s just too hot to wear anything else. I’m passed my booty shorts days and jeans just trap in the heat ha… I always forget how when summer time rolls around, I’m just trying to survive. Just walking around outside makes me feel like I’m going to pass out, hence my strong need for something breezy to wear. I especially love this lightweight dress from Maude for its embroidered eyelet detail. The cinched bell sleeves are a fun addition too! There are a lot of trends going on right now, and although I love all the fun, it’s also nice to have a classic more neutral dress. I’ve paired this dress with a pair of my favorite clogs, which by the way if you haven’t snagged some clogs yet for this season, you need to! This dress is on mega sale so it’s a great time to snag it! I also at this point own several matte gold earrings and I looove them. These ones from Maude …


On To The Next Season

I had forgotten how nice it is (because I never go) to get a pedi/mani. It’s sort of disgusting, but to have someone pick off all the dead skin surrounding your cuticles is amazing. Disgusting, but amazing. We went back to Oregon for my best friend’s wedding (hence, the pedi/mani) and it was a blast. She looked absolutely stunning– No surprise there. After returning home, I had the realization that summer is almost over… Sad! But, as depressing as it is for summer to be over, I’m not gonna lie, I am pretty exited for fall. Jackets, booties, and scarves– Oh my! To get ready for fall, I’m loving colored leather jackets, boyfriend jeans (always) and clogs. These black ones have been my latest obsession. I wear them way too often! Hope you’re enjoying your week so far! xoxo, Karlee Shop:


Leather & Lemons

New this week.. Well, our house is finally starting to look like a house… That’s a step in the right direction! Less boxes and more assembled furniture– It’s coming together. It’s so strange. We’ve been here a week now and I still wake up every morning in shock that we really have a house, that it’s really ours. After a year of searching, it feels pretty good! Although this heat is absolutely miserable, (our brand new grass is needing A LOT of water and I feel like a big sweat ball every time I step outside) I’m still trying to enjoy the rest of summer. It may be unbearably hot, but for Utahns, winter is just around the corner… Fall goes by way too quick here– You blink and you miss it. It’s a shame because it’s my very favorite season, that’s why I like to soak it up while I can. But, me being me, I like to wear brightly colored pieces all year round. There’s just something happy about it. Colored leather jackets (yes …


Striped Espadrilles

Confession: These are my third pair of espadrilles this season… Obviously I can’t get enough! I own a pair of suede sandal espadrilles that I wear way too often, a super cute denim wedge pair, and now these striped sneaker gems. I love them, they send all of the island vibes! And come on, who doesn’t need for island vibes? If you haven’t jumped on the espadrille train yet, you need to. Why? Well here is my reasoning (it’s foolproof). You can get them in basically any style. Sandals, wedges, sneakers, all of the above. They’re super comfy. Just step right into heaven ladies. Versatility. They are way easy to style. Because they come in so many shapes and sizes, there are probably few outfits that you couldn’t wear them with! These babies from Mindy Mae’s Market are under $40 and they are fabulous. Seriously, it’s like giving your feet a hug. xoxo, Karlee Shop my look: espadrilles | tee | jeans | necklace | sunglasses


Sneaker Crazed

Sneakers. Everyone has their favorites. Lace up, high top, you name it. There seems to be more variety in sneakers today (and the ways that they’re styled) than any other time that I can remember. For me, slip ons with a twist are a summer fave. Summers are always busy. You’re working, you’re hanging with friends, you’re out and about by the pool. So, a simple slip on shoe is a NECESSITY. And honestly, sometimes sandals just don’t cut it. Sometimes you want something else. Sometimes your toes aren’t painted and you need to hide them. Anyone else…? These tassel sneakers from J/Slides are kinda saving my life lately. They are a little more sophisticated than a sandal which is perfect for my summer vibes. If you’re on the hunt for some slip on sneaks, these are a great option. They’re my second pair from J/Slides and I have not been disappointed! xoxo, Karlee Shop my look: sneakers | skirt (similar here & here) | tee | vest | clutch | watch


Floral Maxi

There’s been a lot of anticipated change, both in my professional and personal life lately. Where we want to live, what we hope for our careers, etc., etc. So yes, I’ve been a little anxious. Change is good, and we know that these transitions are absolutely for the best. It’s so exciting, but also a little scary. I have big dreams and so does my husband and we both ultimately decided that we need to chase them. It’s now or never! So, with all of these shifts and transformations, I find myself running to catch up. I’m looking forward to a lot, but at the same time I can’t find the time for what is current. What I really need is a renovation of my schedule, but that’s a whole other story… Thankfully, nature has always calmed me down. There’s something about channeling my inner zen that helps me to just breath. Inhale. Exhale. Take a look around. Realize that there’s is a whole world happening outside of your own. At least for me, it helps put things …

embroidered dress_denim espadrilles_8

Embroidery Meets Denim

If there are two things that are hot this season, it’s embroidery and denim. I for one am stoked about embroidery coming back because I’m super drawn to the detail in pieces (give me all of the embroidery)! This dress is perfect for a swim coverup, plus it’s nice and light for summer weather. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love denim? Espadrilles are also exploding right now (I feel like they’re everywhere) which makes these denim espadrilles a double whammy. Yes, they are a total step up from your average beach shoe, but I feel like they are easy enough for a vacation shoe and elaborate enough for an everyday shoe! Not to mention these babies are on SALE! You can snag em’ for 30% off right now at Franco Sarto. Hooray for the weekend! Only one more day! xoxo, Karlee Shop my look: dress | shoes | sunglasses | tote | keychain


Toes in the Sand

Being from Oregon, I don’t mind the rain. No one carries an umbrella. If it rains, you get wet. Pretty simple. Apart from a few months in the summer, it doesn’t get very warm, so you’re just kind of expected to wear a jacket. Kauai however, is a very different story. Does it rain a lot? You bet, but it’s so warm you can swim and enjoy the rain all at the same time. It’s fabulous. Rain has always reminded me of Oregon, now with the exception of Hawaii rain. There’s no need for a jacket, just a swimsuit, sandals, and perhaps some shorts. In Hawaii, or anywhere else, a beach/pool sandal is a necessity. Something that doesn’t get ruined when wet (so stay far, far away from leather), easy to slip on and off, and something that is really easy to clean. I sort of thought that it was an impossible task, but I’ve been proven wrong! These squishy soft Birkenstocks are waterproof, vegan, and they’re cute! I really love them. Plus they are way …