(The Best) Olivia Burton Watch

Okay, so I am a lover of watches. Every time I walk into Nordstrom I go straight to the watches and admire them through the thick glass cases. It’s just instinct. I can’t help but B-line to the delicious wrist candy section of any store, really. So, I will tell you this: As a human being who is obsessed with watches, and who is super picky about quality (especially when it comes to watches) I am head over heels for Olivia Burton. Their watches make me drool. I’m not kidding.

Ever since I have come in contact with the company, I have been extremely impressed. The quality is impeccable and the designs will make you want to cry tears of joy. So, if you need a new watch (or even if you don’t), Olivia Burton is the brand you’re going to want to look for! And this is only the beginning friends. I will be doing a three part series featuring Olivia Burton this week (woohoo!). So, stay tuned for more watch love!






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