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Today I’ve joined forces with Sandy, from the Sandy A La Mode blog, to bring you (drumroll please) a dressed-up athleisure look, so that you can be comfy and feel like a babe all at the same time! Heels, joggers, a sweatshirt AND lipstick. Yep, I’ve got the whole 9 yards. But, whoa, whoa, whoa. Heels and a clutch with joggers? Heck to the yes. While pairing heels or a clutch with really anything that you might wear to the gym has previously been a HUGE fashion no-no, these days it’s totally doable thanks to athleisure.

A little side note… This clutch from Gaia is one of my closet’s favorite new things, plus I love supporting a worthy cause. All of Gaia’s products are handmade with vintage, repurposed and sustainable materials by refugee women in need. Their goal? To lead women to financial independence and self-sufficiency in an effort to unlock their potential for a brighter future. If that’s not a worthy cause, I don’t what is. Plus it fits in effortlessly to aid in bridging the gap between a simple loungewear outfit and a more put together look that you might actually want to be seen in.

Whether this change in fashion has resulted from a generation of young people attempting to live healthier lifestyles, or because we’re actually too lazy to put on “real clothes”, the trend is definitely here to stay (and I love it).

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