Meet Karlee, The Voice Behind The Madam Andrews Blog

We all find ourselves surfing the internet at some point during our day whether it be a lull in our work day, after dinner, or maybe even first thing in the morning. Personally, in my internet surfing, I find myself drawn to fashion blogs–I have a shameless infatuation with clothes. I would like to think that I am a creative human being and clothing, interestingly enough, has always been an outlet for me to organize and shape, what I find to be, fun ways to wear clothes. Along with fashion, I am inspired by home decor, travel, and let’s face it–we all love food. These passions are what spiked my interest in creating this blog. Madamandrews.com is my avenue in expressing my personal style and in sharing my life. We all need some kind of creative outlet, right?

A little more about me-
This Oregon born hippie lovin’ gal is married to the best man on Earth–seriously. I cannot even fathom another human being more perfect for me. He is my best friend and compatriot in this fabulous whirlwind of life. Along with Mr. Andrews, I love green smoothies, sushi, all things floral, and Marvel superhero movies. I hope to one day be among fellow die hard fans holding a sign with Justin Timberlake’s adorable 90’s bleach blonde head at an Nsync’ reunion tour (no shame). I am a proud Harry Potter nerd and Billy Joel is my hero. I fancy myself an amateur oil painter (ooo, ahh) and I absolutely love to write.

I am so excited to be sharing my insights with you! Follow along and embark on this crazy journey with me.

Email me at madamandrewsblog@gmail.com or visit me via Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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