Conquering the Sniffles


It’s been a rough few days as my husband and I have both been sick. Bleh. It tends to happen as the seasons change, so we just have to roll with it!

Although we’ve been in our new house almost 2 months now, any sort of cold/flu remedy supplies seem to have been lost in the move. So, we knew that we needed to make that dreaded “sick trip” to the grocery store and stock up on supplies.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve never been a person that buys tissues. I’ve purchased those little mini packs at the dollar store to keep in my purse or car, those come in handy, but never for the house. I now feel like I’ve been living like a barbarian.

When I told my husband that we were headed to Sam’s Club to pick up a jumbo box of Puff’s Plus Lotion tissues, he was unreasonably excited. But then I used them on my raw little snot nose and decided that his excitement was totally reasonable. We’re feeling pretty luxurious around here.

Forget takin’ TP to a raw, runny nose. Nobody wants that.

Because we’ve had the sniffles around here lately, it’s so nice to have a box of tissues in every room to avoid my usual and unsanitary illness routine: a toilet paper trail. The last time I was sick, I literally carried a roll of toilet paper around the house… I had no idea how raw it was making my nose! Gross. After using Puffs Plus this time around, I’ve realized how big of a difference soft tissue makes. It makes being sick a little less miserable!

You can stock up on tissue in your bedroom…


your kitchen…


your family room…




and your living room!


There’s really no room in the house where they’d be out of place!


In short, a lot of big things have happened in the last few months. New job, new house, and we’re finally buying adult things like tissues. Now I just need to get some more mature kitchen tools and I’ll really feel like a grown up!

As you can see from our pumpkin and spider web decorations galore, we’re also getting ready for Halloween. Planning costumes has proved to be a little more tricky…

Anyway, hope you had a fab Monday! Be sure to enter the #SoothingSoreNoses giveaway with  Sam’s Club! 🙂





Puffs Plus Lotion

This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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