Gimme All The Plaid

It’s impossible for me to leave the house without wearing a big, warm coat these days. My hands are always ice– Like, so freaking cold… My feet are too. Shoes and heavy socks don’t do much for me. I even keep a blanket at my desk at work because burr. FREEZING COLD. Even though the sun shines from time to time, walking outside is pretty miserable. I sometimes think it doesn’t look so bad, and then I have to run to my car from the front door of my work building and the whole time I think it may really be the end… This is what hell feels like– Bitter cold. Call me dramatic but daaaang. I always forget how hard the winters are here. 

That my friends is why if you see me, you best believe I’ll be bundled up. You can find this fab coat (it’s mega comfy and almost sold out, so hurry!) at Maude Boutique annnd it’s on super sale!! These booties (also on sale) and my cutesy cactus earrings are also from the same shop

Stay warm out there peeps!