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Holiday Party Time

I am one of those people that starts listening to Christmas music the second Halloween is over. A little ridiculous, I know, but it bring a joyous spirit that only comes around once a year. So, yes. When I am in my car I belt holiday tunes wherever I go (and Adele, because whoa. Girl gives me goosebumps every time). And yes, I look forward to every fancy holiday party and ugly sweater party alike. I could do without the teeth chattering cold, but it’s all part of the holiday experience, so I don’t really mind. The warm snuggles, the holiday parties, the freezing out in the cold to see Christmas lights, all of it–I love all of it.

So, naturally, I LOVED being a part of this holiday collaboration. I have been so impressed with everyone involved. was so generous to allow us to use their beautiful new facilities for our photo shoot. Let me just say, their kitchen is way better than mine… The Salted Sisters are amazing. 99% of the decorations you see are theirs. Makes you feel like you need to step up your game, right? Whitney is also fabulous. As you can see we’re soul sisters with our gold sequins. And the cake… OH MY GOODNESS. I don’t even like cake, but this cake was incredible. Absolutely delicious. If you are local to Utah, you need to get with Cakes By Courtney because wow, her cakes will change your life. Last, but definitely not least,  Nicholette, our photographer, is seriously the cutest. She was hopping all over, standing, laying, squatting, to get the perfect shot. She is adorable. It’s really important to have a photographer that is easy going because their is nothing worse than looking like an awkward weirdo in a photo.

Back to my holiday rant… Even though we, and when I say “we”, I mean my small two person family, only have a three foot tree at the moment, I decorate that thing like nobody’s business. I love cranking on the Christmas tunes and decorating my little space. We’ve only been married for just over two years, so we haven’t collected a ton of decorations quite yet, but what we do have, I love. It makes our place feel like a home. I’m just the festive type I guess. So, here’s some holiday inspiration for you. Get it girrrl!









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  1. This really gave me the christmas spirit! I actually started listening to christmas music at the beginning of October(right after autumn break here in Norway)

    Oh, and those christmas decorations look so good!

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