Sandals & Sweats

Boy has it been a long week. It’s been one of those ultra exhausting weeks where 7:00 pm hits you’re ready for bed. Like, as soon as dinner is over, it’s snoozin’ time. And the headaches. The kind where your brain seems to literally thump on your forehead and your eyes burn so bad you feel as if they may actually fall out of your face. Basically I’ve been zombie-fied. Bleh. Needless to say, I’m ready for the weekend.

As for this look (and I know that you’ve been wondering), yes it’s another athleisure outfit people. I won’t deny it, I love athleisure. Give me a socially acceptable way to wear sweats all of the time and I’m in. I wear sweats a lot… Probably too often, but now I’m not an outcast. I can call it athleisure and get away with it, and you can too! Sweats all day every day! Sweats for everyone! Gosh, can you tell I’m exhausted?

Anyway… Sneakers are always a safe choice when sporting your sweatpants, but you pair them with athletic sandals and game over. I’m done. I’m callin’ it quits. It’s just too good. Sofft has some rad sporty sandals destined to make your feet dance. These babies are winners all around. The comfort is there, the style is there. They’re amazing. I have them in two colors and I’m proud of it. So stop sweatpants shaming people, put on your own dang sweats and feel like a babe, okay? Come on, join the revolution (and make me feel less lazy). There are so many great options now, you really don’t need to look like a mess in your sweats. Look cute and feel comfy. It’s a thing.

Oh, and I almost forgot! You can view my other look with Sofft here. It’s a little more put together, but you know, you have those days too.












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sandals | sweatpants | tee | sunglasses | handbag (similar here, here & here [cheaper])


  1. I agreed with artofthestreets. I want to view your other look, but the link is not working. Please help out for it.

    • madamandrews says

      I’m sorry, we just switched over my site and I’ve been having a lot of linking problems… I will try and fix it! Thanks! 🙂

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