Straighten Your Smile: Candid Co.

Let me paint you a picture… I’m a fourteen year-old brace face that absolutely dreads going to the orthodontist. I’m super self conscious about my teeth, not to mention zit-faced and awkward. This mouth full of metal hated, yes hated with a fiery burning passion, having braces. By the time I got them, they just weren’t cool anymore. You know when you’re young and you think that braces are cool? Yeah, they were not cool when I had them…

After two years of my mouth bleeding and my teeth aching, I never wanted to see the orthodontist again. EVER. So what did I do? When I got my retainer, after all of the agony of my braces, I didn’t wear it. Okay, so my mom maybe made me wear it for like a year, but after that I put it in its case in my bathroom and never looked back.

Now, as an adult, my teeth have of course shifted and I’m kicking myself for being an irresponsible adolescent. Ugh.

So, why the trip down memory lane?

I came across Candid Co., an easy at-home solution to getting my straight teeth back. Say whaaaa? Yes. It’s the real deal.

And when I say easy, I mean incredibly, even surprisingly easy.

They have a sort of 3-step solution to your perfect smile. Here’s how it works:

Modeling Kit. To learn a little bit about your current smile, Candid Co. will send you a modeling kit that includes all of the things that you need, plus super easy-to-follow instructions, on how to create models of your teeth from the comfort of your own home. Pretty baller! It only takes about 20 minutes to do and then you ship em’ on back with a prepaid label. The kit is only $95, which is great to get you started. Plus, if you send in your models and the orthodontist determines that they can’t treat your case, they’ll refund the cost of the kit to you.

I will also say that Jono was totally geeking out about this. He was really impressed with how easy the kit is to follow, as was I, and he’s thinking about doing it too.

Aligners. Candid Co. then takes your models and turns them into a digital 3D rendering of what your teeth will look like over the course of your customized treatment. From these models, they’ll create your custom aligners which will be delivered to your door and you can start wearing them immediately!

Retainers. Once you’ve reached your goal and your smile is lookin’ fly, you’ll meet with your dentist and get a set of retainers at no extra cost. Candid suggests to wear your retainers to make sure that all of your hard work pays off! You bet I’ll be doing it this time!

All said and done you pay $1900, which is killer considering that competitive products (that you can’t do from the comfort of your own home) can cost up to $8000— Yikes!   

Being prego you have enough appointments and expenses, so between prepping for the baby and the holiday season… It’s a lot! I’m super stoked to be able to straighten these pearly whites from my couch and for such a reasonable price.

Keep enjoying that holiday season! And hey, maybe you have a new idea for a Christmas gift 😉



Thank you to Candid Co. for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.