Suede Sandals & Summer


Sooo my feet got real burned today. Crispy critters. You know when you look like a lobster and your skin tingles? Ouch. That dang Hawaiian sun! I really can’t complain though. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. Even though my feet feel like they might fall off, I can’t help but enjoy my surroundings. This is the third island that I’ve visited in Hawaii and surely the most beautiful. It’s more lush than I could have ever imagined. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere else in the world that’s quite as green. The mountains are breathtaking. Every inch seems to be covered in green, green, green. Also, super nerdy, but Jurassic Park (the classics) were filmed here. I’m not gonna lie, I keep imagining a massive T-Rex emerging from the mountains and roaring to the world… I can’t help it. I have a wild imagination.

The house that we stayed in was fabulous (I’ll tell you more about it later). It made me feel very luxurious (which I’m not), but you know what is? These sandals! When I think suede I don’t usually think summer, but Franco Sarto has changed my mind. I die over the yellow suede. Heart eyes all day. They are perfect. I mean perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! They’re my favorite espadrilles yet.

I’ll be recounting more about my trip in later posts!




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