Summer Skin

A little skin history…

I used to use a lot of beaded cleansers that doubled as scrubs until my dermatologist told me to kick them to the curb. I can’t even tell you how big of a difference it’s made for my skin since switching to soft cleansers like this one. Here’s the way that my dermatologist explained it to me: When you use beaded cleansers and scrubs, they continually open your acne wounds and spread the infection around. So you feel like you’re getting a “deep clean” but in reality it’s enabling the infection, aka your acne, to stay and spread. #nothankyou!

I’ve found that TULA has really great products that are not only gentle for your skin, but they also revitalize. TULA offers a 3-product face routine to help your skin stay healthy and I’ve really loved it!

First, you start with the TULA Purifying Cleanser. It’s not overly foamy and it leaves your skin feeling nice and clean.

Next, you apply your pH Resurfacing Gel to get your pH to its proper balance. It’s an alcohol-free clarifying gel that helps restore your skin’s pH to its optimal levels. What’s nice is it does so without drying or stripping your skin and it nourishes your complexion with healing probiotics. It has ingredients like omega 3, bluberry extract, and turmeric, which helps your skin to be healthier and more resistant to damage from stress, air pollution, the sun, etc.

Lastly, apply your Hydrating Day + Night Cream for lasting hydration–And voila, fabulous skin! This product is great for all skin types and it even helps reduce fine lines!

I’m specifically excited about the TULA’s new pH Resurfacing Gel in step two. I’ve been doing more research on pH balance because my skin can be all over the place as far as dry vs oily. I didn’t know this before, but your normal skin pH is 5.5, but most cleansers leave your skin at a pH level of 11.0 after washing. This leaves your skin more vulnerable to over drying, irritation, and it can age your skin more quickly! I’m excited to be using this product to help my skin get back to its normal pH levels (yaaaay).

I’m definitely still learning when it comes to beauty and skincare. I feel like there are always new products to try. I already know that I love TULA’s Purifying Cleanser, so I’m excited to thoroughly test out the 3-product routine. I’ve had several TULA products at this point and I’ve never been disappointed.

Hey, if it helps my skin to stay soft and look younger and healthier, I’ll try it 😉

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This post is sponsored by TULA. All thoughts and opinions are my own.