Spring Season Vibes

It’s time to whip out those white jeans again ladies! Bring oooon the sun! I love spring because it’s the time of rebirth. It’s so fun to see greenery that once seemed lifeless come back into full bloom again. We moved into our house back in July and it was a HOT month. The builder had planted two small trees and until last week I honestly thought they were goners. With a hot summer and a short fall, we hadn’t seen any life from the poor little guys– But then it happened! Beautiful white blossoms. Woohoo for spring!

About this look–

Yes, I’ve brought out my white jeans and I’m ready to keep them out for a while 😉 But let’s talk about this top from Ruthie Grace Boutique for a second— The rose patches placed on the sleeves are obviously my favorite part, but I also love the fit. It’s a loose fit, which is what I like to sport during the warmer seasons. The acid wash/distressed look of the fabric is also fun. This piece has been super popular and I know that sizes are running out, so definitely snag yours asap! Ruthie Grace also has some other styles that are on my list for spring here, here and here.

I hope you’re enjoying this transition into spring as much as I am 🙂





Thank you to Ruthie Grace Boutique for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.