Velvet Skirt

Sooo this look is from a while ago, so I’ll make it quick… But all of the deets are finally here! 

First off, this fab skirt is from KP Lane and it’s on sale for $21.99 (woohoo)! The shop is owned by a friend of mine and she’s seriously the cutest– She has the best taste! Definitely check out KP Lane on Instagram at @shopkplaneYou won’t regret it! 

More about the look–

Call me crazy, but I like to mix and match athleisure, super casual with a more fancy piece and this velvet skirt does the trick. I decided to pair it with this silver puffer for an edgy look. Casual on top, party on the bottom. You know what I’m sayin’?

Try it out! You’re bound to love it! And don’t forget to check out KP Lane !!