Back in Black

I’m a fan of whole black on black thang. It makes it so easy to incorporate other trends into your look and make them stand out. Here’s the thing about a monochromic look— You can make some killer kicks the focal point of your entire outfit. Yeah, baby! Shoe lovers over heeeeere!

Suede booties are always fantastic, but these oxblood western style ones are super on trend for fall (I’m obsessed). I cradle these babies and tuck them in at night because they are just that good! Or, you might add some velvet kicks to your monochromic look, or some embroidered ones… OH! Or boots with some fab buckles! The possibilities are endless… Either way, with a black palette, you can feel comfortable wearing a pair of boots that may be a little more on the wilder side. Check out this post for the best boots to invest in for fall & winter.

Although this look may appear well thought out, it is actually effortless to pull off. I literally have my hair in the same clip that I often use to pull my hair back when I was my face– It took five seconds. You can look good even when you’re actually thrown together 😉

Black top + black pants + cool boots will be on repeat this fall.

It’s both modern and effortless. Wear black like a boss, girl (with some neato burrito booties)!

I hope that you’re having a good week so far! I’m utterly exhausted. I’m still trying to recover from being sick last week and now that Halloween is basically here, all I want to do is eat candy… So, there’s that, ha!

Keep on keepin’ on!






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