A New Kind of Maxi

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN INSANE. Yes, insane. Crazy. Nuts. I cannot believe that Friday is tomorrow. Can’t believe it! Work has been a little bonkers, but good bonkers. Although I do feel like I’m getting sick again…

I’ve had a few events this week that were BOMB. Not because of sponsors or anything like that (although the sponsors were great), but honestly because of the people that I was able to hang with. I love catching up with old friends, and cultivating new friendships. It’s so refreshing. Believe me, I LOVE my husband, but it’s nice to have some lady time. You know, when you laugh so hard that you think you might wet yourself? It’s SO needed.

I know this post is short (I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I need more time, time time…), but I just wanted to share a tidbit of life right now and this new kind of maxi that I’m diggin’. And by new I mean, not plain old stretchy fabric that clings to you. I mean prairie style, embroidered and fabulous.





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  1. Everything about your outfit is familiar, Karlee, but fresh. That’s it. The comfort of familiarity peppered with new elements that make it different and unique. LOVE. Especially that cardigan with those sporadic bits of yarn hanging here there and everywhere.

    Do come by my blog tomorrow for the weekly Friday Project Sister Act Link-Up? I’d love to see you there xoxo

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